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Mom, Dad Where are my photos?


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What are you going to tell your kids?

Ten years from now when your child asks you “Mom, dad what was I like playing sports as a youth?” What will you tell him/her?  I know, you will whip out the photo album (digital or hard copy) and say here you go pumpkin, you were great!  But hold on a minute, just hold your horses, you don’t have an album.  In fact you don’t even have one photo apart from the team photos that you take every season of him smiling in the back row.  Those stunning memories of your child scoring a goal, flipping over the touchdown line or dunking a basketball are all stored safely away and the only place you can find them is in your head.  Try as you might you can never truly allow your winning goal scorer, player of the game and MVP to see what you saw during his youth playing days.  For heaven sake don’t do it!  Do not kill the memories of your child.  Make sure you capture and keep those memorable moments for the time when motivation, self-esteem, belief and laughter are needed by your precious cupcake. 


There are two ways to do this.  You can invest thousands of dollars in equipment, stand by the sidelines, shoot the entire game, go home, edit the photos, store and/or print them.  This can be fun if you have the money, the time, the expertise and you want to watch the game through the lens instead of shouting, clapping and jumping from the sidelines or in the stands.  The other way is to hire a professional to do everything while you become one of the many PHCs (parent head coaches) and enjoy the game in the stands or on the side lines.  With a good professional you will have the shot of little Jimmy frozen as he headed the ball into the net, when he beats his chest after scoring the touchdown, when he is hugged and celebrated by his team mates for scoring the winning basket and when he cried after missing the best chance of the game and lost it.  These are all memories you want him to have.  These are the ones that will lift him up when he is down, tell him that he is still a winner when life throws a curve ball and don’t get me started on providing evidence for scholarships and showing his own kids.  Plus with a professional you can get better prints because of image quality and the chance to create special keepsakes and gift items from these photos.  These include mugs, t-shirts, post cards, collages and many others.  Now which do you think is more fun and is a better investment of your time and in your child? 

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