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A Fundraising project to help Jamaican Schools for the 2017 Penn Relays

The Penn Relays Chronicle

Jamaicans have been participating at the Penn Relays since 1964.  Throughout the years they have won 253 events and set seventeen records.  By virtue of their performance forty-four Jamaicans have been recognized, inducted and placed on the Penn relays Wall of Fame.  The Penn Relays Chronicle is a showcase of Jamaica's dominance of the longest running track and field meet for colleges in the USA.  Throughout the pages you will be introduced to Jamaica's history, past and present performances in both track and field events, records, inductees and close to 200 high quality, colour photographs of the 2016 participants.  

Why you should buy at least one copy

  • It is a wonderful keepsake for your centerpiece
  • It gives you insight into Jamaica's domination of the Penn Relays
  • If you donate your copy to the school you are allowing them to keep a great part of their history
  • If you donate a copy to the athletes you are giving them added motivation and inspiration

While this magazine is a keepsake for every sports fans and athletes, its most important benefit is that of a fundraising tool for the 2017 Penn Relays schools from Jamaica.  Sending a team to the oldest collegiate track and field meet in the US is not cheap but it is worth it.  Apart from food, replenishment drinks, warm clothes, gear and transportation, athletes and staff also need spending money while they are in Philadelphia. Our intention is to have a copy in the hands of every person who has ever been to the Penn Relay Carnival, whether you are a fan or an athlete, and in the library of every school that sent athletes to the relays.  We encourage you to get a copy for yourself and at least one student at your alma mater. 

See the magazine below

To navigate the pages, click on the "double arrow" at the top right of the image below.  The magazine will go to full screen mode.  Click on the right or left pages to go forward or backward respectively.  


How the fundraising will work

  • Our goal is to raise at least $10,000.00
  • All purchases must be made by April 6, 2017
  • Purchase the magazine by going here.
  • You will be asked to register and tell us the school you are supporting.  This will allow your purchase to be tracked for accountability and distribution of funds
  • 60% of the profit or $8.00 will be distributed to your alumni association to be given to your school
  • A multi-school team will track and manage the revenue and distribution of funds
  • Regular email will update you on the progress of funds raised
  • Your magazine will arrive at your US address by April 20, 2017
  • If you have any questions please call 954-295-3499 or you can send an email to


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