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Welcome to the 2017 presentation of the annual Sting Cup.  Just like last year, we are delighted to provide action shot coverage for all the teams.  This year we are offering our signature "Team Action" package, which is outlined below.  If you want to ensure that we are capable of capturing your soccer star in action, please take a look at some of our shots from last year.


What is the Team Action package?

The Team Action package allows us to provide your team with fifty action shots taken throughout the tournament or in one game for an unbelievable price of $249.00.  That is about $15.00 per parent with a team of 16 players and $4.98 per photo.  Under normal circumstances one photo would cost a minimum of $15.00!  

Why should you do this?

  • Action shots have more value to players and even parents
  • Action shots can be sent to relatives and friends
  • Action shots can be used as post cards, T-shirts, mouse pads and on a lot of other gift ideas
  • Action shots are more memorable
  • Action shots look much better on Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat and Instagram
  • Action shots look much better on your team's website
  • An action shot poster looks awesome on the bedroom wall
  • Scouts prefer action shots
  • The price is ridiculous! A $750.00 value for only $249.00

How it works

  1. The team's manager or designated person will send us an email at with subject line "we will take the Team Action package."
  2. Please include the following in the body of the email:
    1. Team name
    2. Team colors
    3. Name of Team manager
    4. Email of team manager and one other person
    5. Phone number of team manager
    6. Times and place of play
  3. Team manager or designated person pays by check or cash on the day of the team's first game.
  4. Photos will be taken, edited and uploaded to by Wednesday May 24th.
  5. A special password will be created to allow access for the team
  6. All photos can be downloaded as high resolution images from the site to your computer


  • As much as we would love to, we will not be able to capture all 152 teams.  This means only the early birds will be accommodated.  We will let you know after receiving your email if your team will be part of the lucky ones.
  • Send the email with your team's information to  
  • Checks should be paid to GLP Images
  • If you have any questions please call 954-947-1321


Don't want the "Team Action" package?

No problem!  

  1. Provide us with your child's:
    1. Name
    2. Team's name
    3. Shirt number 
    4. Schedule
  2. Provide us with your:
    1. Email
    2. Phone number
    3. Mailing address
  3. Each photo will cost $15.00 for a 5x7 print
  4. A deposit of $15.00 must be made even if you need more than 1 photo
  5. An email will be sent to you with all the images for you to chose
  6. We will edit, print and send the photos to you.
  7. If you chose more than one photo you will need to pay for the additional choices