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The "Jamination" of The Penn Relays (H-M)

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Winning Jamaican Teams at Penn Relays
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Holmwood Jamaica Jamaica College Kingston College
Manchester     Munro
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Calabar Camperdown Cornwall College Dinthill
Edwin Allen     Excelsior
S.T.E.T.H.S St. George's St. Jago St. Hugh's
UTech U.W.I. vere Wolmer's


holmwood logoholmwood logo

Holmwood  (Colored underlined denotes Penn Record)

Event Year (time/mark)


HSB 4X100

HSB 4X400 2002 (3:13.41)  
HSB 4X800 2002(7:43.45)  
HSG 4X100 2001(44.89), 2006 (44.56), 2010 (45.41), 2013 (44.82),  
HSG 4X400 2001(3:34.75),2002(3:37.71), 2005(3:40.37),2006(3:36.09), 2010(3:39.66), Kerri Ann White (55.8), Kareen Gayle (53.3), Anneisha McLaughlin (53.8), Sheryl Morgan (51.9)
HSG 4X800 1998 (8:55.92), 1999 (9:08.01), 2000(8:55.79), 2001(8:50.02), 2005(8:59.03), 2006(8:45.87), 2008(8:41.92), 2010(8:42.49), 2015(9:01.31) Charmaine Howell (2:11.3), Claudine Williams (2:11.0), Janice Turner (2:12.1), Inez Turner (2:03.2)
GHS Discuss 2013 (54.29) Gleneve Grange
Triple Jump 2015 (13.36) Tamara Moncrieffe - Joint with Kimberly Williams of Vere



Award Year  Year of Event Athletes
Athlete of The Meet 2001   Sheryl Morgan
  2001   Sanita Sutherland
  2010   Chris Ann Gordon
  2013   Gleneve Grange
Wall Of Fame Inductees 2008 2001- 4x400 Relay Kerri Ann White, Karen Gayle, Aneisha McLaughlin, Sheryl Morgan







Jamaica National Team (Colored underlined denotes Penn Record)
Event Year Time


Women 4x100 2013 42.42 Kerron Stewart, Sharone Simpson, Anneisha McLauglin, Shelly-Ann Frazer-Price
  2014 42.81 Kerron Stewart, Carrie Russell, Anneisha McLaughlin, Trisha-Ann Hawthorne
  2015 43.70 Kerron Stewart, Sherone Simpson, Schillonie Calvert, Natasha Morrison
Women 4x400 Medley 2008 3:37.61 Nadine Palmer, Aleen Bailey, Sonita Sutherland, Kenia Sinclair
  2009 3:34.56 Sheri-Ann Brooks, Rosemarie Whyte, Moya Thompson, Kenia Sinclair
  2010 3:35.37 Schillonie Calvert, Kerron Stewart, Melaine Walker, Kenia Sinclair
  2011 3:34.64 Kerron Stewart, Simone Facey, Melanie Walker, Kenia Sinclair
Woman 4x400 2015 3:26.58 Christine Day, Patricia Hall, Anastasia Leroy, Stephenie-Ann McPherson
Men 4x100 2008 39.04 Marvin Anderson, Michael Frater, Nesta carter, Dwight Thomas
  2010 37.90 Mario Forsythe, Yohan Blake, Marvin Anderson, Usain Bolt (8.79)
  2011 38.33 Asafa Powell, Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, Steve Mullings





jc logojc logo


Jamaica College  (Colored underlined denotes Penn Record)

Event Year


HSB 4X100 1985(41.05), 2014(39.72)  
HSB 4X400 1992(3:12.93), 1993(3:12.22), 2000(3:11.52)  
HSB 4x800 1999(7:37.21)  
HSB High Jump 2015(2.09m) Clayton Brown
HSB Pole Vault 2009(4.80m) K'Don Samuels

HSB Triple Jump

2014(15.35m) Clayton Brown



Award Year  Year and/Event Athletes
Athlete of The Meet 2014   Devaughn Walker


kc logokc logo


Kingston College   (Colored underlined denotes Penn Record)
Event Year


HSB 4X800 2007(7:42.45)  
HSB 4X100 1964(42.70), 1965(41.90),1966(43.0), 1973(42.20), 1974(41.70),1990(41.18),2013(40.44)  
HSB 4X400 1965(3:19.30)  
HSB 400 Hurdles 2008 (52.25) Andre Peart
  2013 (51.62) Omar McLeod
HSB Long Jump 2007 (7.61m) Tarik Batchelor
  2011 (7.41m) Jerome Wilson
HSB Triple Jump 2013 (15.20m) Clive Pullen



Award Year  Year and/Event Athletes
Wall of Fame Inductees 1997 1965 Lennox Miller
  2014 1964 Lenox Miller, Ken Keyes, Rupert Hoilette, Jim Grant


manchester logomanchester logo

Manchester  (Colored underlined denotes Penn Record)
Event Year


HSB 4X800 2008(7:43.22)  
HSG 4x800 1995(9:04.00)  
HSG 4X100 1994(45.33), 1990(45.25)  
HSG Long Jump 2010 (6.12m) Chanice Porter



Award Year  Year and/Event Athlete
Athlete of The Meet 2008   Alwayne Green



munro logomunro logo

Munro  (Colored underlined denotes Penn Record)
Event Year


HSB 4X400 2011(3:11.31), 2012 (3:11.91)  








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